Number 12
Number 13
• Photoreport: Phasmids
• Postoperative Care in Mediterranean Tortoises after Cesarean Section
• Biology, Distribution and Conservation of the Black Wood Turtle in Costa Rica, Rhinoclemmys funerea
• Caring for Salamanders, Part II: Housing
• Saltuarius cornutus, Captive Maintenance and Breeding of the Northern Leaf-Tailed Gecko
• Index of Species and Poster - Lampropeltis alterna, The Gray-banded Kingsnake
• Biology and Conservation of the Madeira Wall Lizard, Podarcis dugesii
• Nerodia, The New World Water Snakes
• 2000 National Reptile Breeders' Expo: Bigger, Better, The Best One Yet
• Inflammation of the Harder's Gland in Reptiles
• Saving the Sand Lizard, Lacerta agilis
• Reptile Reflections.
Number 12