Number 13
Number 14
• Aresté, M.: Index of Species and Poster - Dyscophus.
• Bennett, D.: The Frogs of Coorg in the Western Ghats, India.
• Coote, J.: Reptile Reflections.
• Filella, E.: Gaudí and herpetology.
• Fong, A. & Garcés G., G.: Chamaeleolis chamaeleonides - Notes on Care and Breeding.
• Hauschild, A.: Fotorreportaje - Bearded Dragons.
• Hauschild, A.: Bearded Dragons: Popular Terrarium Classics.
• Kohlmeyer, R.: Behavior and Interactions of my Captive Bearded Dragons.
• López del Castillo, Dr. C.: Vomiting and Regurgitation.
• Love, B.: The Beardie Craze.
• Merchán, M. & Mora, J. M.: Biology, Distribution, and Conservation of the Ornate Wood Turtle in Costa Rica, Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima manni.
• Merker, G. & Merker C.: Rosy boas - Wonderful Captives for Novice and Experienced Collectors Alike.
• Staniszewski, M.: Salamanders (Part III): Breeding and Disease.
Number 13