Number 15
Number 16
• Adler, J.: The Captive Breeding Station for Asian Turtles in Münster
• Bachs, Dr. M.: Reptiles: When the Problem is Sex
• Coll, M. & Merchán, M.: Dendrobates pumilio - The Strawberry Poison Arrow Frog of Isla Bastimentos, Panama
• Coote, J.: Reptile Reflections
• Hennig, A. S.: Care and Breeding of the Yellow Pond Turtle, Mauremys mutica
• Ibargüengoytía, N. R. & Crocco, M. C. de A. & Cussa, V. E.: How to Reproduce in the Temperate Cold Climate of Patagonia? Responses of the Genus Liolaemus
• Leptien, R.: Journey to the United Arab Emirates
• López del Castillo, Dr. C.: Penile Prolapse in Reptiles
• Love, B. & Ford, N.: Curiously Overlooked: The Neglected Malagasy Cat-Eyed Snake Madagascarophis colubrina
• Meier, E.: The End of Cuora & Co.
• Sanz, A. & Valverde, F. J.: Intestinal Obstructions by Foreign Bodies
• Staniszewski, M. S.: Reptiles and Amphibians on the Web
• Tomasinelli, F.: Praying Mantids - An introduction to their lifestyle and biology
• Tomasinelli, F.: Hymenopus coronatus - Mimicry, behaviour, and captive breeding of the Orchid Mantis
• REPTILIA: Index of Species and Poster - Lacerta lepida, jewelled lizard
Number 15