Number 16
Number 17
• Bennett, D.: Gray's Monitor Lizard on Polillo Island, Philippines
• Bergadá, J.: Herpetotattoology
• Brueggen, J.: St. Augustine Alligator Farm
• Campmany, M. & Déniz, M. S.: Geckonia chazaliae
• Connaughton, D. T.: Venom
• Coote, J.: Reptile Reflections: CITES
• De Ávalos, J. & Martínez, P.: Monitors
• Gérard, P.: The genus Lampropeltis
• Kowalski, E.: Care and Maintenance in Captivity of Rio Cauca Caecilians Typhlonectes natans
• López del Castillo, Dr. C.: Treating Animals for Intestinal Parasites
• Ramos, I. A.: Histological Structure of the Tail of the Leopard Gecko, Eublepharis macularius
• Staniszewski, M. S.: The World Wide Web of Herptile Sites, Building Your Own Site, Part I
• Tomasinelli, F.: Biology and Captive Breeding of Huntsman Spiders
• REPTILIA: Index of Species and Poster - Testudo graeca, Mediterranean Spur-Thighed Tortoise
Number 16