Number 17
Number 18
• Bergadá, J. and Pether, J.: Crocodiles - Prehistoric Survivors
• Caballero, F. J.: Building an Ant Farm
• Cimatti, E.: Anchieta's Dwarf Python, Python anchietae
• Coote, J.: Reptile Reflections
• Egert, J.: Record-Keeping for Herpetoculturists
• Ferrier, W.: Appalachia's Plethodontids
• Houghton, J. D. R.: The Diving Behaviour of Marine Turtles
• López del Castillo, Dr. C.: Heatstroke
• Medina, D., Soler, J., & Martínez Silvestre, A.: Annamemys annamensis, a Vietnamese turtle in grave danger of extinction
• Mora, J. M. & Merchán, M.: Bothrops asper in Costa Rica, Part 1 - Description and Distribution
• Vasconcelos, J.: Photoreport - Marine turtles
• Vasconcelos, J.: Species of marine turtles
• Villegas, F. & Vázquez, D. B.: The Black Iguana, Ctenosaura pectinata, Biology and conservation of a species endemic to Mexico
• REPTILIA: Index of Species and Poster - Ptychozoon kuhli, Kuhl's flying gecko
Number 17