Number 18
Number 19
• Bennett, D.: Varanus exanthematicus, a Very Misunderstood Monitor Lizard
• Coote,J.: The End?
• Garcia-Porta, J. & Casanovas-Vilar, I.: The Origin and First Evolutionary Stages of Turtles: New Perspectives
• Klarsfeld, J. D.: Natural History, Captive Maintenance, and Breeding of the Viper-Tailed Gecko, Teratolepis fasciata
• López del Castillo, Dr. C.: Accidental Loss of Toes and Claws in Lizards
• López del Castillo, Dr. C.: Terrarium Lighting
• Merker, G. & C.: Sonoran Mountain Kingsnakes - Habits and Captive Care of Lampropeltis pyromelana
• Mora, J. M. & Merchán, M.: Bothrops asper in Costa Rica (Part 2) - Snakebites
• Nowark, P.: Rain for the Rainforest: Mist and Spray in the Tropical Terrarium
• Schmidt, M.: Photoreport - Rainforest Terrariums
• Schwarz, W. & B.: Plants in the Rainforest Terrarium
• Staniszewski, M. S.: The World Wide Web of Herptile Sites, Building Your Own Site (Part II)
• Valverde, F. J.: Albinos
• Werning, H.: Reptile Trade Fever
• REPTILIA: Index of Species and Poster - Bufo calamita, the Natterjack Toad
Number 18