Number 19
Number 20
• Coote, J.: Keeping Venomous Animals — Legality vs Reality
• Donovan, P.: Bitis gabonica, the Gaboon Viper
• Egert, J.: Care and Breeding of the Eastern Water Dragon, Physignathus lesueurii
• Ferrier, U.: Amphibian Monitoring
• Hauschild, A.: Photoreport — Skinks
• Hofmann, J.: Keeping and Breeding the Snail-Eating Skink, Cyclodomorphus gerrardii
• Rivera, X., Arribas, O., y Martí, F.: Chromatic Alterations in European Amphibians and Reptiles
• Sanz, A., y Valverde, J.: Captive Breeding of the Elongate Tortoise, Indotestudo elongata
• Staniszewski, M. S.: The World Wide Web of Herptile Sites Building Your Own Site Part III
• Struijk, R.: Care and Breeding of the Berber Skink
• Eumeces [Novoeumeces] algeriensis
• Wegner, S.: Observations on Eumeces schneideri aldrovandii
• Werning, H.: United We Stand
• REPTILIA: Index of Species and Poster — Furcifer pardalis, the panther Chameleon
Number 19