Number 20
Number 21
• Colvée, S.: Reproductive aspects of the redfoot tortoise in captivity
• Coote, J.: Reptiles, arthropods, and elephants? Keep reading!
• Fong G., A. & Garcés G., G.: Reproduction and captive maintenance of Alsophis cantherigerus,
• López del Castillo, C.: Veterinary consultation- Noninfectious disorders in reptiles
• Manzanilla, J.: Henri Pittier National Park, Part I: Amphibians
• Plessas, A.: Herp hound in Greece
• Tomasinelli, F.: Jumping spiders, Tigers of the spider world
• Wilms, T.: Photoreport-Spiny-Tailed Agamas
• Wilms, T.: Habits, care, and breeding of the spiny-tailed agamas
• Wilms, T.: Uromastyx, reproductive behavior
• REPTILIA: Index of species and poster-Dendroaspis jamesoni, Jameson's mamba
Number 20