Number 21
Number 22
• Barcenas, E. & Guañabens, J.: Venomous snakes
• Coote, J.: Thoughts on thermal gradients
• Ferrier, W. & U.: The noisy amphibians: Treefrogs
• Jauch, H.: Southern Africa's monitor, Varanus albigularis
• Jiménez, J.: Veterinary consultation - Ventral dermatitis in snakes
• Manzanilla, J.: Reptiles of Henri Pittier National Park
• McCord, W. P. & Joseph-Ouni, M.: Chelonian illustrations: Asian box turtles
• Orth, K.: European vipers in the terrarium
• Pölzer, W.: Snake diving: Encounter with the dice snake, Natrix tessellata
• Sanz, A. & Valverde, F. J.: Captive maintenance of Malacochersus tornieri
• Tomasinelli, F.: General keeping of scolopendras
• Trapp, B.: Photoreport - European snakes
• REPTILIA: Index of species and poster - Phelsuma madagascariensis
Number 21