Number 22
Number 23
• Bauer, T.: Keeping and Breeding the Angulated Tortoise Chersina angulata
• Bergadá, J.: Colubrids (Style and Color)
• Cimatti, E. M.: Herpetofauna of Sardinia
• Coote, J.: In Support of Sustainable Use of Wild-Caught Reptiles
• Martínez-Silvestre, A., Massana, J. S., Silva, J. L. & Mateo, J. A.: The Giant Lizards of the Canary Islands
• McCord, W. P. & Joseph-Ouni, M.: Chelonian Illustrations No. 3 Map Turtles
• Mora, J. M. & Merchán, M.: Lepidophyma flavimaculatum
• Navarro, C. J.: Caiman crocodilus
• Staniszewski, M. S.: Tailed Amphibians
• Staniszewski, M. S.: Natural History and Captive Care of Climbing Salamandres Aneides
• Thiesmeier, B. & Hornberg, C.: European Mountain Brook Salamanders of the Genus Euproctus
• REPTILIA: Index of Species and Poster - Malpolon monspessulanus
Number 22