Number 23
Number 24
• Bischoff, I. & R.: Index of Species and Poster - Parasphendale affinis
• Coote, J.: A Mouse Tale
• Donovan, P.: Calloselasma rhodostoma, the Malayan Pit Viper
• Garcia-Porta, J.: Frogs of the Colombian Amazon Region
• Herpetological Associations: The Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians
• Lutzmann, N.: Chamaeleo (Trioceros) jacksonii
• Lutzmann, N.: Chamaeleo (Trioceros) bitaeniatus and Related Species
• McCord, W. P. & Joseph-Ouni, M.: Chelonian Illustrations No. 4: South American Sideneck and Snakeneck Turtles
• Métrailler, S.: Chelidae of South America
• Necas, P.: Chameleons of the Subgenus Trioceros
• Werning, H.: The Internet Generation
Number 23