Number 28
Number 29
• Akeret, B.: Planting Terrariums
• Akeret, B.: Plants in the Desert Terrarium
• Barone, S.: Eunectes notaeus, the Yellow Anaconda
• Bruekers, J.: Palms and Other Exotic Plants for Outdoor Tortoise Enclosures
• Coote, J.: Live Food: Virus Destroys Commercial Cricket Production
• Coote, J.: Converving Species With a Little Help From Their Friends
• Eggenschwiler, U.: Manuria emys phayrei, The Burmese Brown Tortoise
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• Fischer, H.: Brachypelma albopilosa, Honduras Curly Hair Tarantula
• Glück, A.: Carnivorous Plants in the Terrarium
• Joseph-Ouni, M.: Profiles of Extinction Nş 3: Kinosternon megacephalum, Viesca Mud Turtle
• Kowalski, E.: Cynops ensicauda, The Japanese Swordtail Newt
• McCord, W. P. & Joseph-Ouni, M.: Chelonian Illustrations No. 9: Diamondback, Painted and Chiken Turtles of North America
• Salzberg, A.: Helping the Herp Cross the Road
• REPTILIA: Index of Species and Poster - Tiliqua scincoides
Number 28