Number 2
Number 3
• Index of Species and Poster - Leaf-Tailed Gecko, Uroplatus fimbriatus
• Triturus vittatus, the banded newt
• Herps & Culture - The Snake in Celtic Mythology
• Photoreport - Geckos
• Between Wagner and Varanus. A Private Reptile Zoo on the Banks of the Rhine
• The Sensory System of Snakes
• Phelsuma madagascariensis, The emerald of Madagascar in the terrarium
• Metabolic diseases: Gout and Articular Pseudogout
• Interpretation of Colours in the Common Chameleon, Chamaeleo chamaeleon
• Elaphe bairdi, Baird's ratsnake
• Phrynops dahli, A little-known turtle endemic to the Caribbean Coast of Colombia
• The Reproductive Strategies of Amphibians
• Conservation - The Chinese Turtle Problem
• A giant project and a miserable turtle: Refetus euphraticus
Number 2