Number 29
Number 30
• Bennett, D.: The Varanus gouldii Group
• Bennett, D.: Australian Monitors
• Joseph-Ouni, M.: Profiles of Extinction: Macroscincus coctei, Cape Verde Giant Skink
• Lehr, E. & Holloway, R.: Turtle Trade in Cambodia
• McCord, W. P. & Joseph-Ouni, M.: Chelonian Illustrations No. 10: Monotypic Genera of the Family Geoemydidae
• Pianka, E. R.: Australian Desert Varanids
• Pineda, D.: Constructing Your Own Incubator
• Purser, P. A.: Keeping the Spiny Softshell Turtle Trionyx spiniferus
• Sanz, T.: Amphibian Paradise in León (Spain)
• Thiesmeier, B. & Hornberg, C.: The Riddle of the Chinese Newt, Pachytriton
• Tomasinelli, F.: Wolves With Eight Legs. An Introduction to the Wolf Spiders
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• REPTILIA: Index of Species and Poster - Boa constrictor
Number 29