Number 34
Number 35
• Biggi, E.: Bombina variegata pachypus, The Italian Yellow-Bellied Toad
• Burger, R. M.: Dwarf Boas of the Caribbean
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• Joseph-Ouni, M.: Profiles of Extinction No. 9 - Geochelone nigra phantastica
• Lutzmann, N.: Females Carrying Males in Chameleon Courtship
• Lutzmann, N.: Vibrating Behaviour in Chameleons
• Lutzmann, N., Esser, S., Flamme, A. & Schneider, H.: Rhampholeon brevicaudatus: Care and Breeding of the Stump-Tailed Chameleon
• Lutzmann, N. & Flamme, A.: Field Observations, Captive Care, and Breeding of the Stump-Tailed Chameleon Brookesia thieli
• McCord, W. P., Joseph-Ouni, M. & Bour, R.: Chelonian Illustrations No. 15 - Madagascan Big-Headed, African Helmeted, and West African Mud Turtles
• Necas, P. & Schmidt, W.: Mysterious Mini-Dragons - The Stump-Tailed Chameleons Brookesia and Rhampholeon
• Romeu, S.: Phasmids - Captive Breeding
• Timms, J.: Macrovipera mauritanica - The Moorish Viper
• Trapp, B. & Valverde, J.: Index of Species and Poster - Testudo hermanni boettgeri
• BOOK REVIEWS: Reptiles of Central America. Köhler, G.; True Vipers. Natural History and Toxinology of Old World Vipers. Mallow, D. Ludwig, D. & Nilson, G.
Number 34