Number 3
Number 4
• Index of Species and Poster - The Spectacled Caiman, Caiman crocodilus
• Kinixys, the Hingeback Tortoises
• Poecilotheria
• Herps & Culture - The Crocodile Men of Malaysia
• Dendrobates tinctorius
• Keeping and breeding Pogona vitticeps
• IATA & CITES: Changes for Reptiles & Amphibians plus Future Bio-Diversity Problems
• Some observations on Behaviour, Breeding and Care of Captive Prehensile-Tailed Skinks Corucia zebrata (Part I)
• Remarks on the Biology, Keeping and Breeding of the African Egg-Eating Snake Dasypeltis atra
• Keeping and Breeding the Galápagos Tortoise Geochelone nigra
• Natural selection: El Niño and other Natural Catastrophes
• Photoreport - Galápagos
Number 3