Number 46
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• Avadhani, R.: The Gharial, Gavialis gangeticus. Gentle Crocodile of India.
• Cimatti, E.: Testudo hermanni. Hermann’s Tortoise Questions and Answers.
• Dieckmann, M. & Weyers, A.: Keeping and Breeding the Chinese Dione Rat Snake, Elaphe dione.
• Fischer, S. & Homuth, M.: Herpesvirus Infection in Tortoises. Illness, Diagnosis, and Prevention.
• Grano, M. & Grano, P.: Surrounded by Water. Reptiles of the Tuscan Archipelago.
• Joseph-Ouni, M.: Profiles of Extinction: Typhlops sulcatus.
• Li Vigni, F. & Licata, F.: The Painted Frog, Discoglossus pictus. Observations on a Sicilian Population.
• Reisinger, M.: Heloderma horridum exasperatum. Successful Long-Term Keeping and Breeding of the Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard.
• Romeu, S.: Spiny Phasmids: Family Heteropterygidae. Part 2: Subfamilies Obriminae and Dataminae.
• Seward, M.: Heloderma suspectum. Gila Monster Reproduction.
• Wilms, T.: The Genus Heloderma. Beaded Lizards and Gila Monsters.
• Book Reviews:
- Diseases of Amphibians and Reptiles. G. Köhler.
- The Venomous Reptiles of the Western Hemisphere. Volumes I & II. J. A. Campbell & W. W. Lamar.
- Amphibians & Reptiles of the Bay Islands and Cayos Cochinos, Honduras. J. R. McCranie, L. D. Wilson & G. Köhler.
• Index of Species and Poster: Trimeresurus flavomaculatus.
Number 46