Number 53
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• Blanck, T.: Mole Salamanders - Family Ambystomatidae.
• Blanck, T.: Overview of the Genus Ambystoma.
• Blanck, T. & Braun, M.: Keeping and Breeding the Barred Tigre Salamander, Ambystoma mavortium.
• Cupul, F.: The Axolotl – Religion, Magic, and Myth.
• Hribal, J. & Holanova, V.: The Trans-Pecos Ratsnake Elaphe (Bogertophis) subocularis.
• Kunz, K.: Eight-Eyed Hunters of the Night. Notes on Keeping and Breeding Huntsman Spiders Heteropoda venatoria and Holconia sp.
• Mahony, S.: Winter Herping in South India.
• Schlüter, U.: Diet of Wild and Captive Ameivas and Monitor Tegus (Family Teiidae).
• Taylor, J. F.: Python regius – The Royal Python, True King of the Vivarium.
• Vinke, T. & Vinke, S.: Scorpion Mud Turtles in the Gran Chaco. Kinosternon scorpioides scorpioides.
• Book Reviews:
-Venomous Snakes of Africa. M. Dobiey and G. Vogel.
-Poison Frogs. Biology, Species & Captive Care. S. Lötters, K.- H. Jungfer, F. W. Henkel and W. Schmidt.
-The Snakes of Europe. All Species from West of the Caucasus Mountains. G. Kreiner.
• Index of Species and Poster: Uroplatus phantasticus.
Number 53