Number 55
Number 56
• Barts, M.: Plated Lizards. Overview of the Genera and Species of the Family Gerrhosauridae.
• Schmidt, F.: Gerrhosaurus vallidus. The Giant Plated Lizard.
• Dassow, S.: A report on the Sudan Plated Lizard, Gerrhosaurus major.
• Rogner, M.: Madagascar Girdled Lizards. The Genus Zonosaurus.
• Brizio, C. and Fariselli, P.: Crab Spiders.
• Ihle, R. and Bergman, J.: Here Comes the Sun... the Sunglow Boa.
• Nistri, R.: Lampedusa. Marine Turtle Sanctuary.
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• Hennig, A. S.: Pseudemys peninsularis. Captive Care and Breeding of the Peninsula Cooter.
• Comazzi, C. and Colli, C.: The Snakes of the Genus Psammophis. Part 2: Captive Breeding.
• Griesshammer, K.: Crikey! A visit to Australia Zoo.
- Adventures in Green Python Country. Switak, K-H.
- The Amphibians and Reptiles of Greece. Valakos, E. F. et al.
• Index of Species and Poster: Natrix maura.
• PHOTO CONTEST REPTILIA 2007: Selected Photos of amphibians.
Number 55