Number 56
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• Valverde, J.: Mambas.
• Aeberhard, R.: Dendroaspis viridis, Dendroaspis angusticeps and Dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae.
• Aeberhard, R.: Dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae.
• Kunz, K. and Kunz-Calgua de León, A. L.: The "Asthma-Beetle" and its use in folk medicine.
• Avadhani, R.: Varanus salvator, the Water Monitor. India's Largest Lizard.
• Grano, M.: Saint Dominic and the Festival of the serpari.
• Baker, B.: Tylototriton verrucosus, the Himalayan Crocodile Newt. Captive Management and Breeding.
• Georges, A., Eisemberg, C. and Bauer, L.: In Search of Keheko, Elseya novaeguineae.
• Schlüter, U.: Genus Acanthodactylus, Fringe-Fingered Lizards in the Wild and in the Terrarium. Part 1. General Ecology and Behaviour.
- True Boa Constrictor. Stöckl, H. et al.
- Snakes of Arabia. A Field Guide to the Snakes of the Arabian Peninsula and its Shores. Egan, D.
• Index of Species and Poster - Kwet, A.: Rhinella icterica.
• PHOTO CONTEST REPTILIA 2007: Selected Photos of Arthropods.
Number 56