Number 5
Number 6
• The exciting natural history of Alytes muletensis
• Index of Species and Poster - Rainbow Boa, Epicrates cenchria
• Devils in the Mist - Uroplatus
• Phyllomedusa sauvagii - The pet frog of the future
• Notes on the captive breeding of Trachemys scripta callirostris
• History and Behaviour of Captive Prehensile-tailed Skinks, Corucia zebrata (Part III)
• Herpetofauna of the Namib desert
• Photoreport - Sea Snakes
• Emergencies in Reptiles: Trauma (Part I)
• Reproductive Strategies in Reptiles
• Conservation - Common Pets, Common Pests
• The Life of the Yellow-lipped Sea Krait Laticauda colubrina
Number 5