Number 59
Number 60
• Kwet, A.: Photographing Reptiles and Amphibians
• Kunz, K.: Little Animals Great Big. Notes on Lenses for Macro Photography
• Trapp, B.: Tips and Tricks from a Pro
• Love, B.: Herp Photography Hints
• Soler, J. & Martinez Silvestre, A.: The Madagascar Spider Tortoise, Pyxis arachnoides
• Melani, E.: Philodryas olfersii. Captive Care and Breeding
• Olmos, V.: Chamaeleo (T.) jacksonii xantholophus. Captive care and Breeding. Part 2
• Li Vigni, F.: The Primitive Painted Frogs Discoglossidae
-Parasitology in Snakes, Lizards and Chelonians. A Husbandry Guide. Schneller, P. & Pantchev, N.
-Dictionary of Herpetology. Lillywhite, H.B.
• CONTEST: Photo Contest Reptilia 2008
Number 59