Number 61
Number 62
• Wilms, T.: Morocco: Treasure Chest in Northwestern Africa.
• De Pury, S., Esser, S. and Aymerich, M.: Observations in Morocco. Searching for the Montpellier Snake.
• Leptien, R.: Excursion in Southern Morocco.
• Schlüter, U.: Testudo graeca soussensis, The Souss Valley Tortoise in its Natural Habitat.
• Trócoli, S.: The Marbled Newt, Triturus marmoratus.
• Colvee, S. and Martin, A.: Captive Reproduction of the Halmahera Island Ground Boa, Cansoia paulsoni tasmai.
• Hernández, C.A. and Aguilar, J.L.: Venomous Reptiles of Mexico.
• Berec, M.: The Madagascar Ornate Plated Lizard, Zonosaurus ornatus.
• Li Vigni, F.: Tribolonotus gracilis. A PEculiar "Crocodile" in the Terrarium.
• Taylor, J. F.: Pandinus imperator. Captive Care of the Emperor Scorpion.
• Index of Species and Poster: Leioheterodon madagascariensis.
Number 61