Number 62
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• Schweiger, M.: The Vipers of Europe. An Overview of Species and Notes on Some Taxa.
• Schweiger, M.: Vipera ammodytes. Keeping and Breeding the Horned Viper.
• Wirth, M.: Vipera berus. Common Vipers of the Northern Black Forest.
• Licata, F. & Li Vigni, F.: Gekko ulikovskii. Notes on Keeping the Golden Gecko.
• Llarķa, J., Llarķa, L.P. & Villar, E.: Night Excursions in Ranomafana National Park.
• Pellegrin, N.: Emidura subglobosa. Keeping and Breeding the Red-Bellied Short-Necked Turtle.
• Fariselli, P.: Spiny Orb-weaver Spiders.
• Escoriza, D.: Tuatara & other herpetofauna of New Zealand.
• Knauf, S.: Proper Transport of Reptiles.
• Index of Species and Poster: Uroplatus giganteus.
- European Pond Turtle - Emys orbicularis. Rogner, M.
- Keeping and Breeding Australian Lizards. Swan, M.
Number 62