Number 63
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• Kunz, K.: Theloderma. The Bug-Eyed Frogs. Amazing Camouflage Artists.
• Arinin, I.: Theloderma gordoni. Keeping and Breeding the Gordon's Bug-Eyed Frog.
• Evsyunin, A.A.: First Captive Breeding of Theloderma horridum.
• Hörenberg, T.: Varanus (Odatria) tristis orientalis. Keeping and Breeding the Gray-Back Monitor.
• Soler, J., Martínez Silvestre, A. & Ferrández, M.: Testudo graeca ibera. The Eurasian Spur-Thighed Tortoise in Romania. Taxonomy, Ecology, and Conservation.
• Troiano, J.C. & Herman, D.J.: Bothrops ammodytoides. An Argentine Pit Viper. The Patagonia Lancehead.
• Fariselli, P.: Dominican Republic Paradise. Parque Nacional del Este.
• Barone, S.: Man-Eating Snakes. Fact or Fiction?
• Index of Species and Poster: Mauremys rivulata.
- Crocodiles. Fougeirol, L.
- Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons. Swan, M.
Number 63