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• Valverde, J.: Chelonians of South America.
• Vinke, T. & S.: Chelonoidis carbonaria. Red-Footed Tortoises in the Gran Chaco Adaptation to Extreme Habitat.
• Vinke, T. & S.: Acanthochelys macrocephala. The Pantanal Swamp Turtle.
• Rojas-Runjaic, F.J.M.: Mesoclemmys zuliae. The enigmatic Zulia Toad-Headed Turtle of Lake Maracaibo.
• Kronauer, D.J.C.: Army Ants. Predacious Nomads of the Tropics.
• Winchell, S.: Charles Darwin.
• Doxanský, J. & Berec M.: Scaphiophryne marmorata. Care and Breeding of the Green Burrowing Frog at the Pilsner Zoo.
• Dehling, J.M.: El género Bothriopsis. South American Forest Pit Vipers of the Genus Bothriopsis.
• Index of Species and Poster: Chamaeleo hoehnelii.
- Venomous Snakes of the World. O'Shea, M.
- Herpetofauna of Vietnam. Nguyen, V.S., Ho, T.C. & Nguyen, Q.T.
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