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• Kunz, K.: Hooked on Hogs! Addicted to Hognose Snakes of the Genus Heterodon.
• Bumgardner, B.: The Western Hognose Snake. Heterodon nasicus.
• Spinner, L.: Unleashed in the East! The Eastern Hognose Snake. Heterodon platirhinos.
• Kunk, K. & Nickel, N.: Keeping and Breeding the Southern Hognose Snake.
• Apetauer, I.: Keeping and Breeding the Indonesian Forest Dragon. Hypsilurus dilophus.
• Barrio-Amorós, C.L.: Bizarre Nature - The Mata Mata.
• Rogner, M.: Mauritius for beginners.
• Dehling, J. M.: South American Forest Pit Vipers of the Genus Bothriopsis, Part 2.
• Cimatti, E.: The Sardinian Tree Frog, Hyla sarda.
• Llaría, J., Llaría, L.P. & Villar, E.: Three Species of Chamaleons from the Madagascan Highlands.
• Index of Species and Poster: Alligator mississippiensis.
- Amphibians and Reptiles in Bulgaria. Beshkov, V. & Nanev, K.
- The Rise of Amphibians. 365 Million Years of Evolution. Carroll, R.
Number 67