Number 68
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• Maier, S. & Bamann, T.: Cat Geckos. Goblins of the Night.
• Maier, S. & Bamann, T.: A Wildcat in the Terrarium Captive Care of the Cat Gecko.
• Maier, S. & Bamann, T.: Captive Breeding of the Cat Gecko.
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• Langerwerf, B.: Captive Care and Breeding of the Desert Iguana. Dipsosaurus dorsalis.
• Carlino, D.: Keeping and Breeding Home's Hingeback Tortoise Kinixys homeana.
• KJ & Lodrigue, K.: The Great Plains Ratsnake. Elaphe emoryi.
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• Overkamp, J., Canela, J. & Giralt, J.: The Splash-Backed Poison Frog. Adelphobates galactonotus.
• O'Malley, D.L.: Geographic and Commercial Origins of the Red-Footed Tortoise. Geochelone (Chelonoidis) carbonaria.
• Index of Species and Poster: Rhacophorus pardalis.
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- Old World Vipers. Phelps, T.
- Turtles. The Animal Answer Guide. Gibbons, W. & Greene, J.
Number 68