Number 70
Number 71
• Werning, H.: A Slice of Nature in the Living Room.
• Braun, S.: Construction of a Naturalistic Display Enclosure for a Veiled Chameleon.
• Birtel, A.: Greenhouse for iguanas and chameleons.
• Schmidt, D.: Nature Terrarium or Just a Cage?
• Frömberg, C.: Creating naturalistic terrarium shelters with latex.
• Barrio-Amorós, C. L. & Duellman, W. E.: Amphibians and Reptiles of the Sierra de Lema, Venezuela. Part 3.
• McCord, W., Joseph-Ouni, M., Hagen, C. & Blanck, T.: Three New Subspecies of Trachemys venusta (Testudines: Emydidae) from Honduras, Northern Yucután (Mexico), and Pacific Coastal Panama.
• Mace, T.: Breeding the enigmatic giant leaf frog, Megophrys nasuta.
• Nickel, H., Hornung, J. & Koch, M.: Scorpions of Morocco. Part 2.
• Hegner, D.: Whip Snakes of the Genus Ahaetulla.
• Index of Species and Poster: Dispholidus typus.
Number 70