Number 75
Number 76
• Winchell, S.: Cobras
• Dainty, M.: The banded Water Cobra, Boulengerina annulata
• Avadhani, R.: Cobras in Hindu Culture
• Yeomans, L.: Naja melanoleuca, The Forest Cobra
• Villalba, E.: Emydura macquarii krefftii, Captive Care and Breeding of Krefft´s Short-Neck Turtle
• Hennessy, G.: Blue Jeweel of the Rainforest Dendrobates azureus
• Hegner, D.: Anglehead Lizards Gonocephalus of West Malaysia
• Barrio-Amorós, C. L. & Fuentes-Ramos, O. A.: Herpetofauna of "The Lost World". Part 2: Chimantá, Roraima and Sarisariñama
• Index of Species and Poster: Eurycnema goliath
-Saving Sea Turtles. Extraordinary Stories from the Battle against Extinction. Spotila, J.R.
-The Amphibians and Reptiles of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Largen, M. & Spawls, S.
-Rhacodactylus - Biology, Natural History & Husbandry. Seipp, R. & Henkel, F.W.
-Designer-Morphs. Volume one: Ball python & Boa constrictor, A guide to mutations and variations. Berry, J.R.
Number 75