Number 7
Number 8
• Keeping and breeding the diamond python, Morelia s. spilota
• The Turtle in Chinese mythology
• Photoreport - Camouflage: Nature's double play
• History and Behaviour of Captive Prehensile-tailed Skinks, Corucia zebrata (Part V)
• Uromastyx, a little-known genus?
• Agkistrodon, the New World Pit Vipers
• Mimicry- Disappearing Acts and Impostors
• Lasiodora parahybana, characteristics and maintenance of the Brazilian salmon tarantula
• Infrared perception in Snakes
• European Tortoises
• An introduction to the mountain brook newts of the genus Neurergus
• Index of Species and Poster - Sheltopusik, Ophisaurus apodus, the armored glass lizard
Number 7