Number 8
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• Index of Species & Poster - Doubled-Crested Basilisk, Basiliscus plumifrons
• Photoreport - Giant Snakes of the Subfamily Boinae
• Iberian species - The Brook Salamander, Euproctus asper
• Cuora amboinensis and its subspecies
• The enigmatic crested Gecko, Rhacodactylus ciliatus
• Dermic fragility in Snakes
• Breeding the Amboinbe box turtle, Cuora amboinensis kamaroma
• Strategis for Sex Determination in Reptiles
• Cetonia, insectarium and tropical greenhouse in France
• Keeping and Breeding the Indian Star Tortoise, Geochelone elegans
• The National Reptile Breeder's Expo in Orlando
• Experiences keeping the Emerald Tree Boa, Corallus caninus
• Frog Search in Peru
Number 8